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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soundpower - Marty Gold

Marty Gold
RCA Victor LPM-2620

This album is one in the series of LPs produced by RCA to help promote "Dynagroove". The series quality is uneven. Some experiments with stereo were annoying and others, like this album... were released in mono. Why RCA would released a mono version of an album designed to promote new technology in 1963... I have no idea. So I can't comment on how RCA manipulated the stereo on this record.

Billboard liked this entry and from the brief, I take it, listening to the album in stereo dramatically improves the experience.

There are some cool tracks on the album but I have to be honest and say that it simply didn't grab me like so many other albums that I've collected from the period. You can find this album on a somewhat pricey CD so I can't post a sample.

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  1. Interesting piece. I have oter Marty Golds and I enjoy him.


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