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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chacksfield Plays The Beatles' Song Book

Chacksfield Plays The Beatles' Song Book
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44142

According to his wiki page, Frank Chacksfield scored a number 1 hit on "some" Amercian charts for his 1954 single, a 78rpm titled Ebb Tide (a tune that became an exotica standard).

It was hard for me to believe that 16 years later in 1970 (if the date I found is correct) Chacksfield released an easy Beatles album. It's also hard for me to believe that you can find this album on CD with a covers project he did on Simon & Garfunkel.

To me... it just seem like a risky project at the time and this light pop vibe didn't age well.

Norwegian Wood has a nice, almost "spy" movie quality to it. But generally... and I'm almost never this hard on any record... the album sounds sort of like a high school band project. I mean... a GOOD high school band... but...


  1. You know how I love these Beatles covers LPs! I'd love to find this!!

  2. This LP has a lot of meaning for Grandfather bought me a cassette recorder for x-mas in 1971, and made a recording of a personal message to me, followed by this record (since I was a big Beatles fan.) I still have the original cassette in my safe; I transferred it over to CD about 10 years ago. So it will be nice to finally hear a clean copy of this LP after 40 years!

  3. Thank you for your comment! I would have posted a sample, but this album is available on commercial CD. I don't upload content that can be found by purchase/download.


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