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Friday, June 10, 2011

Love Makes A Small World - Enrico With Raoul Meynard

Arrivederci Roma
Love Makes A Small World
Enrico With Raoul Meynard And His Orchestra
Warner Bros. Records W 1288

Enrico, The Young Continental.

From the back cover: Just as the public is deserting the Ivy League and Blue Jean Look for the new Continental Look, so Enrico we hope, will be the New Look in singers.

Also from the back cover: Breaking through language barriers, this album is hearing proof that love is the great leveller, the differences in modes and manners among nations are forgotten when Love Makes A Small World.

Apparently love wasn't enough to help Enrico and Warner's PR copy writer conquer the cold cruel world. Enrico appears to have slipped into obscurity after this release.

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  1. Love the cover and Arrivederci Roma is a fave of mine! However, this is a SPANISH version of an Italian tune and it's weirding me out!


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