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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Organ Moods In Hi-Fi With Buddy Cole At The Pipe Organ

Organ Mood In Hi-Fi With Buddy Cole At The Pipe Organ
Columbia Records CL 874

Available on CD/purchase download so I will not be posting a sample.

I'm a big fan of Korla Pandit's organ stylings, especially his earlier work such as his first 12 inch titled Universal Language Of Music Volume One, 1954. This early exotica pipe organ album doesn't have that "experimental" feel and Cole's doesn't play in a percussive style. But Cole manages to translate, with just organ effects, the period exotica sound.

The Breeze And I
The Nearness Of You
Orchids In The Moonlight
Ebb Tide
That Old Black Magic
The Continental
Autumn In New York
The Moon Of Manakoora
The Hour Of Parting


  1. Hi.I remember being about 11 years old in 1957 when my dad purchased this album in a extended 7" 45 rpm record with just 4 songs on it.We did not have a record player that played 12'' records.I found a mint copy of the LP about 25 years ago.

  2. Hi I have a Blind Autistic sister who is 59. She grew up with this record, I want to find this in a CD. Can't seem to find it . Where can I get the CD? Thanks

    1. It's available in iTunes for 7.99

  3. Currently it appears that tracks are available by MP3 download online at Amazon and iTunes.

  4. Thanks! Yes...I was hoping to get a CD, but will have to use MP3 downloads instead...I just like the case label etc, neat and tidy. But I will figure it out! Thanks again!..She has a lot of requests from the old days, so I may be back to ask more questions from time to time!


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