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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Untouchables - Skip Martin And His Prohibitionists

The Untouchables
Skip Martin And His Prohibitionists
Somerset SF-12900

Available as purchase/MP3 download. The Untouchables "theme" (the title track) from the TV series packs some punch, but the album lacks the "gritty" or "underworld" sound as suggested by the cover illustration (artist: Will Dressler). Especially considering this is a 1961 release that would be competing with other darker/cooler private eye/detective TV soundtrack work. Brief environmental sound lead-ins on some tunes make little sense.

If you are looking for some New Orleans flavored blues, you might find this record enjoyable.


  1. The download available for purchase is of questionable legality. It's taken from an LP, and not issued by the legal owners of the Somerset tapes, who have issued genuine downloads from their master tapes (only they haven't gotten around to this title). What's more, the download being offered is in mono. So frankly I'd rather have your rip than theirs; at least it will be in stereo, and based on what I've heard of the download being offered yours will almost certainly sound better.

  2. Thanks for the info. That makes it that much harder for me to judge ownership of material. I would try to accommodate your request, but I remember not really digging this album... so I didn't save the file. Sorry.


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