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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Hits Volume 7

Goodbye To Love
Super Hits
Volume 7
Pickwick SPC 3908

Played & Sung Like The Original Hits!

I have to hand it to Pickwick. At least the company didn't hide or completely obscure the fact that these songs were produced by a cover band.

Super Hits series of records are also fun because Keith Wood wrote the jacket notes for the volumes I have on hand. The notes are written in the "hip" language of the day and are fun reading.

Oh yeah, here we go again, with another batch of the biggest, baddest, best of the the chartbusters! Superhits No. 7 is here and smokin' with the sounds you've been askin' for......... The Who lead off with Join Together... The Bee Gees, another English super group, give us the sensitive RUN TO ME, Godspell opens our eyes with Day By Day... Bread is bakin' again with THE GUITAR MAN, here is BLACK AND WHITE by Three Dog Night, Gilbert O'Sullivan, a most charming dude, has ALONE AGAIN (Naturally) Check Out Bill Withers, Looking Glass and those beautiful Carpenters, The O'Jays seem to be cuttin' up the music scene with BACK STABBERS. All these great songs are sung by our group Kings Road and I know They're into it!!!! Gotta split now... hope you can really get into these sounds... some soft... some solid, but all... real nice'n together. Love and Peace Keith Wood

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  1. HA! What kind of person bought this crap over the originals?


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