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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nutcracker Suite - Ritual Fire Dance

Ritual Fire Dance
Nutcracker Suite
The New London Symphonic Orchestra Conducted By Lionel Atkins
Golden Tone C 4007

No date to be found. The release looks like a late 50s production. I post what is essentially a classical music album here in The Atomic Attic because Golden Tone apparently tried to create a package that might appeal to folks interested in period exotica trends. Popular tunes associated with the exotica trend that appear on this album include: Russian Dance, Arabian Dance, Chinese Dance and Ritual Fire Dance.

Golden Tone albums, like this one, could feature simple but colorful cover art. Not a bad release from a budget label... but Golden Tone was fooling themselves if they thought that they could fool a Martin Denny fan into thinking this was exotica without featuring a vibraphone and few bird calls!

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  1. Fabulous versions of Nutcracker Suite classics!


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