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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Smile - The Funnies

You've Got A Friend
Sung And Played By The Funnies
Pickwick SPC-3288

Gosh darn it! I know I blogged this gem some time ago but I can't find the sucker anywhere up here in The Atomic Attic. This image is way more minty fresh than the first copy I found. Yes... I bought more than ONE copy!

This is a great bubble gum Partridge Family exploito album. In really small type on the jacket is printed "Sung and Played By The..." just so you know, if you can read it, that you aren't getting the original songs.

From the back cover: We put it all together for just one dollar and change, which is another reason to smile. Smile! It's catching!!

You can't see me... but I'm smiling... no... really I am! Because it is still worth $1 at the thrift.

In defense of record companies taking advantage of the buying public, several comments have been left that suggest that very young children could be entertained for hours and not know the difference. But I was just wondering if permanent brain damage could have been caused by Jim Croce cover?

I'm just kidding! Come on! Smile!


  1. YES you most definitely had this before. I remember it well!!!

  2. I had this album when I was a kid! Never thought I'd see it again.


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