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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taste Of Honey - Tijuana Style

The Lonely Bull
Taste Of Honey
Tijuana Style
The Toronadoes
Design Records DLP-248

There are some fun "Tijuana brass" albums out there. I have a few that entertain me so I pick them up on chance that they  might have a bit of 60s weirdness going on. This album starts out with a reasonably engaging cover of A Taste Of Honey. But then, for the next three tracks, the album goes weirdly into... like 40s ball room easy listening before it tries to get back on theme with a standard Mexican flavored tune.

Side two kicks off with a good cover of Zorba The Greek and stays on theme until the third track at which point the music slides into a big band swing thing.

The group's name is hidden in the lower left hand corner of the cover. It sounds like Design didn't have enough "Toronadoes" material and filled the album with some stock music. And the sample tune I posted, the best track on the album, sounds weirdly different as if Design had that tune sitting on the shelf and used it as fill.

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  1. Love your write up on this one. lol. Lonely Bull is a fabulously fun and familiar to everyone tune!


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