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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Swingin' On The Golden Gate - Bob Scobey

I Can't Get Started With You
Swingin' On The Golden Gate
Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band
With Clancy Hayes
Arrangements: Matty Matlock
Cover Photo: William Claxton
RCA Victor LPM-1448

Trumpet and Leader: Bob Scobey
Trumpet: Dick Catheart
Clarinet: Matty Matlock
Trombone: Abe Lincoln, Warren Smith & Jack Buck
Piano: Ralph Sutton
Bass: Red Callender
Tuba: Bob Short
Drums: Sammy Goldstein
Guitar or Banjo: Clancy Hayes

From the back cover: Not enough, either, can be said in praise of Scobey's Frisco playmate, Clancy Hayes. Nat Hentoff of Down Beat called him an "urban minnesinger," and this is all right with Clancy, especially as Nat went on to say that Hayes is "one of the better singers on records." At any rate, Clancy's warm, easy, casual vocals are a joy to hear, which is as it should be because Clancy takes great joy in singing. Also, it would be hard not to rave about Ralph Sutton's piano, for it has always seemed that Sutton would rather play than read and you can be sure that he'd much rather have you listen and forget about the words of praise. Anyhow, he's just great! As is Matty, of course, and that anchor man of a trombone player, Abe Lincoln, who handles all of the trombone solos here.

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I Can't Get Started With You
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