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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

An Evening With Franklyn MacCormack

Beyond The Brightest Star
An Evening With Franklyn MacCormack
Organ Accompaniment: Adele Scott
Producer: Jerome V. Man
Cover Art: Tru-View Studios
Cover Art: Tru-View Studios
IRC International Recording Co.

From the back cover: Since March of 1958, MacCormack has been starred on "The-All-Night Meister Brau Showcase." a six and one-half hour program on WGN radio in Chicago. Several awards have been given to the show which can be heard throughout most of the country. Ratings and surveys have shown that his show has more listeners than any other all-night program. It is significant to note that the Peter Hand Brewery, brewers of Meister Brau, have been his sole sponsor during this time.

Why Do I Love You?
Because You Love Me
Good Night Son
My Lonely Heart
Beyond The Brightest Star
I Cannot Be Alone
The Time To Remember
When The World Was Young
This Is All I Ask
September Song

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