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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Original Quite Village - Les Baxter

Les Baxter's Original Quite Village
Capitol Records ST 8-1846

From the November 23, 1963 Billboard Special Merit Picks listing: Les Baxter's exotic collection of songs provides an excellent escape vehicle for the listener. The sounds and atmosphere of the South Seas, the Near East and an illusionary Shangri La are captured by strings, percussion and soft brass. Attractive gal on cover should help at point of purchase.

It appears that many of the tunes on this LP are available for purchase by download. A number or all of the tracks appear to have added to this collection from earlier projects. I think this record is a compilation album Capitol put out just after Baxter left to focus on film scores (in 1962 according to

Anyway, the tracks are assembled here in such a way to make for a great listen! Recommended!

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