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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Could Have Danced All Night - Les Baxter

Quite Village
Les Baxter
I Could Have Danced All Night
Pickwick PC 3048

It's Les Baxter day up here in The Atomic Attic. Or is it?

In my effort to find the rarest and greatest bargain basement records EVER... I bring you a Les Baxter album that is only part Baxter. Yes, who would have thunk that anyone would do an easy listening cover album of Baxter's work? Not me. But here it is. Only when you look at the small type on the back cover do you realize that the tunes are performed by someone else. Additionally... if you didn't already know better... when you glance at the record label you'll note that Quite Village is the only song Baxter actually wrote. The heck you say!  No, really... there is only one actual Baxter tune on this album and that song isn't performer by Baxter.


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  1. Quiet Village! A fave of mine. Nothing like using Baxter's name to sell a record!


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