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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love For Sale - Arthur Lyman

Love For Sale
Arthur Lyman
HI FI Records Life Series

I'm working my way through a number of Lyman albums I picked up a while ago.

So far, I have yet to be even remotely let down by a Lyman project. I have to say, when I looked at this cover, I wondered what the deal was. Lyman's portrait under a the title "Love For Sale" just seems odd for some reason. I wondered if is this album was going to be "light" or easy listening/romantic.

No fear... Sure, there are lots of song titles with the word "love" in them. But this is pure exotica and Lyman to the bone. The music is inventive, moody or mood setting and very cool.

The bongo effort on a track titled, simply, Love is totally smoking and must be Lyman's vision of hot sweaty love...

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  1. Yes the cover is most out of character for Lyman. I'd have been wary too! But he's always fabulous!


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