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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nostalgic Swing Mood - The Knightsbridge Singing Strings

Nostalgic Swing Mood
The Knightsbridge Singing Strings
Purist SP-4

This is one (number 4) of 10 "Knightsbridge" albums released by Purist according to Billboard. "The songs are all standards performed in a tempo to suit the mood theme of the particular album. All the albums are available in stereo.

There is no info to be found on Knightbridge and little on Purist Records, other that a few briefs in Billboard. The company head was Elliot Wexler. Purist was distributed by Wayne Record Corporation. One humorous brief in billboard states that Wexler received a fan letter from two dentists whose secretary had heard KS programmed on American Airlines and was so impressed that she suggested its use in their dental office as background music.

There you go... cool music to pull teeth by!

Cover illustration by Milton Glaser.

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  1. Cool record! I love the track you picked!


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