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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jewel Of The Sea - Les Baxter

Jewel Of The Sea
Les Baxter
Capitol Records T 1537 (monophonic)

Available by digital download so I will not be posting a sample.

Wonderful cover with music that takes you down into the depths looking for the "jewel". Great stuff.

Baxter produces the "exotica" sound or "mood" with instruments sans sound effects like bird calls.

The song "Jewels Of The Sea" was composed originally by Les Baxter as "Katia's Theme" for the American International picture, Black Sunday. This is interesting, at least to me, because Black Sunday is a well thought of Italian horror film by Mario Bava. Apparently Baxter scored the movie for the U.S. release. I now need to go find a copy of that film!


  1. Mark, howdy! John Bender here, fellow retro-cult movie and film score connoisseur! I thought you might appreciate finding out that Baxter did not compose the Jewels of the Sea track. A guy named Roberto Nicolosi composed the original score for Mario Bava's BLACK SUNDAY. Baxter was hired on after this by AIP to write a brand new score for the English dubbed release of the film. Les did write a whole new score - except for the love theme! For this he stole / borrowed / recapitulated Nicolosi's beautiful piece for SUNDAY called Tema di Katia. Not only did he incorporate this Nicolosi piece into his score for SUNDAY but he also gave it a flashier arrangement for inclusion in his JEWELS OF THE SEA record album. Curiously (and depressingly) when Nicolosi's score for BLACK SUNDAY finally got released on CD a few years ago the only theme not included was Tema di Katia - the most beautiful part of the entire score! Because of this tragedy we all should be grateful to Baxter because it is only his fine versions of this beautiful theme that still exist as recordings and are available to us today. Thank you for posting it for all to enjoy! - JB


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