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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Valley Of The Dolls - Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra

Vally Of The Dolls
Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra
Somerset SF-30400

Here's a gem. Apparently 101 Strings wasn't enough for Somerset and D. L. Miller so they created the lesser known Hollywood Sound Stage Orchestra. From the cover notes the orchestra was a 70 piece affair.

It's difficult, or impossible for me to piece together how many "Sound Stage" albums were released. I've got several. They seem to be way budget, more so than 101 Strings, which was a successful franchise for Somerset.

This music is lackluster 60s easy listening that is thematically all over the place. But you can't beat the budget cover! The cover model looks strikingly like Susan Hayward from the movie, Valley Of The Dolls.

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  1. Great song. You should get the original soundtrack it's good! (Maybe you already have it :-))


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