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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tempos Of Tahiti

Theme From Mutiny Of The Bounty
Tempos Of Tahiti
The Catamaran Serenaders
21 Channel Sound
MGM E 4091

Are The Catamaran Serenaders singing from or to a Catamaran? I didn't have high hopes for this record. The cover just didn't spark the collecting juices. This is the typical layout for a 21 Channel Sound cover. The album is a gatefold, that takes after Command gatefold design.

The December 8, 1962 Billboard loved the record calling it "one of the top collections of Island Music, perhaps in part because of the 21 separate channels used by MGM in taping." The brief goes on to say that "most of the tunes are Hawaiian rather that Tahitian in origin." That's right... but the Hawaiian music must have come from an Atomic Age Island, because it wasn't found on any traditional folk island. This may be one of the best space age "island" records that I've stumbled across. The steel guitar work has real personality and the tunes are littered with exotic and 60s light pop instrumental flourishes. The engineering is excellent.

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