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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hollywood Studio Orchestra

Hackett Funeral And Fight
Hollywood Studio Orchestra
Main Theme From Spectacular Movies

Over all this "Hollywood" budget record, released towards the end of the Wyncote label life span, is good easy listening fare with that 60s light pop touch. The Impossible Lover is actually cool and Hackett Funeral And Fight? I know nothing about the movie that this tune came from (The Wrong Box, 1966), but I love this tune and it is a standout on this album.


  1. GREAT tune! Have never heard it before nor heard of the film the Wrong Box either!

  2. Just come across your site. Congrats on a very informative and fun blog. In case you are still puzzling over The Wrong Box it is actually one of my favourite films with a myriad of UK comedy and drama stars inc Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Michael Caine, Nannette Newman, John Mills and the much-loved Tony Hancock and many, many more. The score is by my top film composer John Barry who regrettably passed away earlier this year.

  3. Thank you! Yes, love John Barry. As I research all these 50/60s record I find that many of the artists and composers have only recently passed away.


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