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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pervasive Percussion

Pervasive Percussion
Omega Records OSL-118

Out of all the unbelievable records I've found, this Omega release takes the cake.

Look at this cover. Nice huh? Are you ready for a little jungle rhythm? Yeah, me too!

Look at the back cover. The album title, catalog number and songs titles on the back cover match the record label and cover information. Now listen to the music sample! WTF?!!!

When I bought this album, I only glanced at the track list and it didn't sink in that the titles are in Spanish! I think the titles are correct. What in the name of all-that-is-good-but-way-stupid happened during production?!!

I was pissed because I thought that someone had slipped the wrong record in this cool jacket. I was still pissed when I thought that Omega had pasted the right label on the wrong record. Then I stopped being pissed because how could I continue to hate a record/album that is this absurdly wrong?

I did find this same exact same cover online with a "Sutton" label brand in place of the Omega brand, bottom right... but it is apparent that Omega removed the Sutton brand and printed their logo type in it's place.


  1. Oh man! I wonder how many people got fired over that album. The music sounds neither African or Spanish, but slightly polkaish like German band music.

  2. Lord knows... the staff may have been no larger than owner... who hoped that no one would notice the mistake, including himself.

  3. Cover makes absolutely no sense in relation to the content. Did you check and make sure the right disc was in the jacket! HA!

  4. Yes. The disc is correct. The label matches the jacket information. The titles are, I think, correct and the name of the album appears everywhere... just weird.

  5. You know this cover also is the front of Chaino's Temptation, reel-to-reel tape, a nice exotica piece. I'm sorry, you can't have it ;) You can find it in my instagram record account tho. Search for ArdenzWax



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