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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Evalyn Tyner Night

Evalyn Tyner Night
Port Royal Beach Club
Benefit Of Naples Community Hospital Auxiliary
Naples, Florida
March 25, 1966

Presented for your enjoyment is a record I found at a thrift in a silver cardboard jacket blank. The record was apparently a part of a two record set recorded live for the benefit as mentioned above. I only found sides 3 and 4.

Not much to be found on Tyner. She get a brief mention in Billboard, June 18, 1949 as one of the opening acts for a show at the "Capitol" in New York.

It appears like someone complied a CD of her recordings along with those of a performer named Rose Murphy.


  1. Interesting lounge pianist!

  2. Here is the Amazon CD:

  3. Thank you. Yes, that is the CD I mentioned.

  4. Thank you for this! Evalyn Tyner was my mother; an amazing, humble woman of character and talent and experienced a great career. From her humble beginnings in Kokomo, Indiana she became the “queen of the 88’s” according to Walter Winchell, the leading NY columnist in the 40’s and 50’s. She performed regularly at the White House for the Roosevelt’s and the Truman’s. She was in fact playing for Eleanor Roosevelt when the President passed on and that story has been written about in the ‘The Last 100 days” (Roosevelts). After numerous recordings with Capital Records and Decca----She moved on to NY and TV appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, Kate Smith Hour and the Arthur Godfrey Show---not to mention her USO tours with Hogie Carmichael during WW II. And, she cooked a great chocolate cake from scratch! Regards, Wendell Minnick (

  5. Thank you, Wendell, for sharing your memories!


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