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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stereo Sounds

Stereo Sounds
Rondo-lette SA 46

This album received a brief in the February 23, 1959 Billboard under the heading of "Low-Price Sound".

Rondo is an obscure label out of Union City, N.J.

Unlike many sound effects LPs which offer a variety of singular sounds, this record offers long tracks of ambient sound associated with the title of the track. I enjoyed listening to it almost as if it was an abstract piece of music. I almost set it aside, but wondered what a "trap" sounded like. Apparently a "trap" (set) is another way of saying "drum" (kit). So the first track on the B side, Traps, is an excellent and surprise piece of uncredited space age music.

The record was marketed as a way to "show off " your "wonderful stereophonic set". In a way, it does just that.

This is a great oddball record!


  1. Sound effects are always super handy to have around for various audio projects.

  2. Yes, this record would be great for projects!

  3. Very interesting! Union City is quite local to me!


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