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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Debbie Drake's Dancercize


Debbie Drake's Dancercize
The New Enjoyable Way To Exercise!
Original Music by Gilbert Leibinger and Charles Holden
Midwest Broadcasting, Inc.

Why no one picks these exercise albums out of the bin at the thrift I'll never know. OK... admittedly the art form is an acquired taste.

These records are a time capsule of fashion and exercise trend. Exercise records, the gimmick that sells the album, has a self life of about a week before they become out dated and silly.

This album features "original" music. Side one through the third track on side two is layered with Debbie's voice counting on top of the tunes. That is a surreal experience in itself, but I thought I play, by-way-of-example, a tune without the voice over. This track has a great lounge feel to it.

From the back cover: Every woman, regardless of age, wants to be all woman. She wants to feel that she is something special and unique. To feel dull and sexless is a needless waste of a woman's attributes.

Below is vintage Debbie Drake exercise video.


  1. GREAT early excersize video and the Boots tune is fabulous! Look at the high necked leotard WITH white collar! Love the atomic decor (and TV) in that room in the vid! Funny how there was no emphasis on raising cardio rate back in the day! LOL

  2. She was a looker and well constructed


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