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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let Us Entertain You - Magnavox

Hard Days Night - Marty Gold
Let Us Entertain You

Surprises are sometimes found on the records found inside of non-descript album jackets. Take this Magnavox promotional tool for instance. In 1968 this cover was a yawn fest. I bought the album for the photos on the rear cover. Note that the floor model console on the far right. Magnavox named the machine the Astro-Sonic Stereo! LOL! That design is pretty much NOT Astro-Sonic!

Anyway, when I find a cover that is Dullsville... I always go to the track list to see if there is any hopeful artists or covers. The Marty Gold cover of The Beatles Hard Days Night perked my interest. It's great! Si Zentner also does a Beatles cover, And I Love You. The entire album turns out to be pretty darn cool. I even managed to tolerate a show-tune wedged onto side 2. Whoever produced this at RCA for Magnavox did a great job of picking tunes and positioning them on the album to make for an enjoyable play through.


  1. I think the name "Marty Gold" is so inappropriate. More like Marty Platinum.!

  2. I always grab these promotionals. This is FABULOUS!


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