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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Midas Touch

This Girl Is A Woman Now
The Midas Touch
Decca Records
DL 75151

Here is an obscure album that features a creepy cover.

From the September 6, 1969 Billboard: Decca plans a full-scale promotion for the first single and album of the Midas Touch, arranged and produced by Al Ham, Ham formerly was associate director of Columbia Records pop a&r under Mitch Miller. He has been concentrating recently on film scoring, composing and radio and TV commercials.

This is total late 60s AM mood/pop with no credit given to group personnel. I think there was a follow-up Midas Touch record titled Color My World. I bet one of the colors isn't gold!


  1. Great tune and album jacket. That song reminds me of something from an old Miss America pageant. Or it could have been a theme song for a “That Girl” or “Mary Tyler Moore” kind of a show. And how about someone like Ruth Buzzi for the main character of the show?! That would be different!! I certainly hope that the model for that album cover didn’t have to be sprayed with that Testor’s gold model spray paint for the photo shoot, what with it being before all of the EPA and OSHA regulations…..

  2. Love it. YES! Like Jon says, something from a Miss America pageant!


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