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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holiday In Hawaii

Holiday In Hawaii
Exotic Songs Of The Islands
Makamia and His Moana Islanders
Masterseal Records MS-58

The list price for this album was $3.98 in 1957. You can find copies online for less than it sold for new over a half century ago.

I found no information on Makamia and His Moana Islanders online. This album features excellent steel guitar work. Much of the music has a "folk" sound, but the steel guitar, vibraphone and other exotic touches help the album compete with other more exotica projects of the day.


  1. Beautiful! Makes me want to go to the Tiki Lounge!

  2. Song is kinda cool but seriously, the woman on the cover looks like a Barbie doll. Is she real?


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