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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music From Latin America

Music From Latin America
Decca Records DL 38078

Compilation album featuring diverse "Latin" sounds from the likes of Toni Arden, Russ Morgan, Stan Kenton, Jose Albeniz, Les Brown, Pepe Gonzales, and Beacham Coakley.

This is an obscure album with a terrific cover that I can find no mention of online.

The record label features an interesting copy line: Prepared especially for Colonial Stores. The Colonial Stores, Inc, was for much of the 20th Century one of the nations largest supermarket operators. In June 1955 Albers Super Markets, based in Cincinnati, OH, was purchased by and merged into Colonial Stores. This may or may not be why I found this record in the Cincinnati area. Apparently Colonial had the buying power to purchase what must have been it's own "budget" records pressed just for their outlets.

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  1. OH that is great! Lots of interesting 50's-60's orchestras on there!


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