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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organ & Bongos

Baldwin Organ & Bongos
Fabulous Eddie Osborn
Audio Fidelity AFSD 5974

This is the second "organ and bongos" album I've run across by Osborn. The first being titled Baldwin Organ and Bongs Bongs Bongs (1960). If I had a better filing system for my records... I'd go pull the other album and see if this isn't a reissue. I almost positive it is the same album but with better cover art.


  1. I remember my dad had a rhythym box on top of his organ in the 60's. It had all kinds of cool beats. Reminds me of the percussion craze around in vinyl at the time.

  2. Really? It would have been cool if you had a recording of him playing with the rhythm box!

  3. I SO wish we had some recordings of that stuff he used to play.

  4. My dad's got this one. It's on reel to reel and I'm uploading Perfidia to youtube tonight.


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