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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Line For Sound

Taste Of Honey
Hot Line For Sound
Musical Explorations In Beats... Bongos... Boffs
Bob & Phil And The Orchestra
Enoch Light Presents
Project 3 Total Sound PR5002SD

I'm not sure what definition of "Boff" Light had in mind... "blow, punch"?

Out of all the Light records I've blogged so far, this may be the coolest 60's cheese filled entry. The project may actually lack the beats, bongos and boffs as advertised, but there are lots of ping pongs to go around. Side two features a few smooth and jazzy tracks.

There is a cover of Michelle (J. Lennon, P. McCartney) on this album that is good fun. It was hard to choose a sample for you. I had to go with Taste Of Honey, (R. Marlow, B. Scott). The twisted organ notes featured on the track are pretty cool. From the jacket notes: This instrument played is a Lowery Organ – an unusual new instrument that permits glissandi and bent notes. In the second chorus Tony Mottola is heard on guitar, playing intervals musicians refer to as Oriental fifths, supported by what arranger Lew Davies evocatively describes as "stabs" from the organ on the right.

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  1. OH! I can so hear the ping pong on this. Love it! I am sure I have this in my collection somewhere.


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