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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bossa Nova Guitar - Paulinho Nogueira

Joao Valentao
Bossa Nova Guitar
Paulinho Hogueira
Hamilton - Division of Dot HLP 12157

Paulinho Nogueira was a virtuosic musician who adapted a Brazilian feel to sophisticated acoustic guitar (violão) playing. He is distinctive for not having been influenced by jazz, as most popular Brazilian virtuosos have been. His playing was often reckless during his samba renditions, but he had a special bent on the ancient Brazilian musical tradition of doleful, tender, delicate interpretations, in which altered chords don't play a significant role. He recorded 27 solo albums and toured throughout the world, playing his violão for 50 years. Read more on Nogueira's Billboard page.

Several tracks have bits of vocal chorus inserted as accents and there are other 60s flourishes that help anchor the record in space age sound. The engineering is very good for a budget label.

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