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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Modern Five

I'L Contadino
La Bambola
The Modern Five
Discos Rex RR 8005

We feature an Italian group with an English name. I can't find any mention of the group online. I can translate enough of one paragraph from the back cover to note that the group appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The material is not dated. Back cover signed by Adriana (bajo), Gianni (Dir-Bateria) along with maybe another signature or two and some other writing.

The music matches the whacky cover art. 60s Italian pop with one English cover of Sam & Dave Hold On I'm Coming.

Great fun!


  1. VERY fun and autographed? Love that cover!

  2. .. the strangest thing about Il contadino is that the title (The Farmer) has nothing to do with Sam&Dave's Hold on I'm coming..... (nice version, tho')

    thanks for sharing and ciao from Italy!

  3. I met this group, the five of them, and also have this record autographed. They performed in Mexico City's night clubs "El Leon Rojo" and "El Señorial" late 60's and early 70's, the group was good and very enjoyable watching they live, they were very charming, very happy. I have 2 long plays from them, I think they only recorded those 2 here.


    1. Is there any chance you can convert your two records in a digital format and send these songs to me. I also met this group in Mexico City at the León Rojo but I have been unable to get their songs for my iPod. All the best. Franco C. Maglione - 15 April 2016

  4. Very cool Italian band.

    I have the 45 RPM Vinyl "La Borrachera" with 4 songs (two on each side) I will convert them to mp3 soon, then I'll post them.

    Single Titled "La Borrachera"

    The songs are:
    Side A: 1. La Borrachera (L.A. Carcamo - Modern Five)
    2. La Motoneta Pallavicini-Soffici-Modern)

    Side B: 1. Munecas, Pelotas Y Dulces (P. Piot-Valerie Sarn
    2. Soy Tremendo (DCiottl Capuano)

    From "Discos RVV S.A."
    It has no date, but I assume it's from the 70's
    The Modern Five, Played few months in the bar of Avenida Insurgentes, in Mexico city, Appearing in the Nescafe show.

  5. I love this album , is there any chance that you can send me El Porompompero ? Pleasee!!

    Thank you so very much !



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