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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Avevamo la stessa eta
Marino Marini Quartet
Columbia W 168

Marini was an innovative musician who used an echo chamber of his own design and is said to have been the first European performer to use sound mixing on stage, anticipating techniques used by rock musicians in the 1960s. He also combined Neapolitan with various musical styles and reinterpreted America standards.

This record is loaded with style blends, twangy guitar and other assort 60s light pop touches which makes for a fun listen.

Songs lyrics get basic translation on the back cover (sample): Avevamo La stessa eta - You were the smartest one in geography. I remember, and I still have the flower you gave me the day I failed my exam. I used to help you with your arithmetic in exchange for candy. We were the same age, no one knows it now, but now you are ten years younger than I. I don't understand it, but time passed only for me. We were the same age, only my heart knows it now, the same age.

Read the full bio on Marini's wiki page.

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