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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Whistle A Happy Tune - Fred Lowery

Easy Goin'

Whistle A Happy Tune
Fred Lowery
Decca Records DL 8995

From the back cover: Fred Lowery is one of the most amazing musicians in the world – he is a virtuoso without an instrument. An instrument, that is, in the generally accepted sense.

Fred Lowery whistles, a small accomplishment in itself, but through his lips pass some of the most delightful music ever heard. He has elevated the commonplace practice of "making a shrill sound by forcing the breath through the teeth of "lips" (Webster), into an acknowledged musical art form.

Born in Palestine, Texas, Mr. Lowery has been almost totally blind since early childhood. While attending a school for the blind, he met a bird imitator who encouraged him to take up the unusual hobby. "Before long," Mr. Lowery recalls, "I discovered to my delight there was more to whistling than bird calls."

Although he could not have imagined it as the time, his hobby was to become a highly successful career. After a series of initial professional engagements – radio shows in Dallas, several years with the Vincent Lopez Orchestra in New York, and so on, he attained national fame as a featured art of Horace Heidt's popular show. The popularity of his extraordinary artistry has since reached unprecedented proportion in every medium of entertainment.

Here, with beautiful songs such as the unforgettable The High And The Mighty, Over The Rainbow, Danny Boy and many others and accompanied by Anita Kerr Singers. Fred Lowery melodically urges you to Whistle A Happy Tune!

I Whistle A Happy Tune
Mockin' Bird Hill
Easy Goin'
Over The Rainbow
William Tell Overture
Red River Valley
Londonderry Air
Gypsy Love Song
Estrellita (Little Men)

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