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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Run Baby Run - The Newbeats

Run Baby Run
The Newbeats
Hickory Record, Inc.

From the back cover: Until their return to Music City (Nashville) and the relatively relaxed atmosphere of the recording studio, the Newbeats have been working at a hectic, breakneck pace. In fact, it's been much that way, ever since Dean and Mark Mathis and Larry Henley first joined forces on the stage of the Peppermint Lounge in Shreveport, Louisiana, one evening in 1963. It was there that Larry, a visiting Texan, gave into an impulse and jumped to the stage to join brothers Dean and Mark in their act.

Ordinarily, a fellow might have been quietly asked to leave under such circumstance, but somehow, the chemistry was right that night, a new sound emerged which flipped the boys themselves as well as everyone else in the club, and a new group was born.

Larry had previously recorded several sides by himself for Hickory Records and when the lads cut themselves a few sample tapes, they took them to Hickory president, Wesley Rose, who signed them at once and concocted the name, The Newbeats. Their first record, "Bread and Butter," quickly became their first hit and they've been moving fast ever since.

Last year, the group was one of the first to appear on the Shindig show. They have also been seen frequently on many of the modern sound TV programs like Dick Clark's Bandstand show; "Where The Actions Is;" and "Shivaree." At one point, they hit the road for an extended tour with the Shindig troupe and they have appeared on the Danny Kaye Show as well.

Late in 1964, the Newbeats accepted an invitation to represent the United States on Holland's Grand Gala du Disque, a four-and-a-half hour television production, originated in Amsterdam. They are also in line for movie work, with a number of scripts now being screened. – Ten Grevatt

Run, Baby, Run
Oh, Pretty Woman
Hang On Sloppy
Little Child
It's Really Goodbye
Oh, Girls, Girls
I Can't Get No Satisfaction
This Old Heart
Come See About Me
Mean Woolly Willie
Lookin' For Love

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