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Monday, November 4, 2019

By Requests - The Caravelli Orchestra

Love To Love  You Baby
By Request
The Caravelli Orchestra
Featuring The Hit "Wigwam"
Producer: Philippe Boutet
Peters PLD 1000

From the back cover: The Caravelli Orchestra was actually born in New York City. There Caravelli met Ray Ventura who gave him the means to start the dream of his life: a string orchestra which would play the most beautiful melodies in the world on most sophisticated arrangements.

International fame was fast to come to the Caravelli Orchestra in Europe, throughout South American, in Israel and in the Far East. Caravelli is one of the few non-Japanese musicians who were invited to conduct the grand orchestra of the NHK Television System in Tokyo.

I'm Not In Love
Love To Love You Baby
Love Me, Please Love Me
Aranjuez, Mon Amour
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
I Love To Love
I'm On Fire

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