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Monday, December 3, 2018

Zonky! - Buddy Charles & Ace Harris

Buddy Charles
Ace Harris
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1876

From the back cover: Ace Harris and Buddy Charles owe their professional success as jazz duo-pianists to combination of top drawer talent, circumstances and convenience. Originally a pianist with the Ernest Hawkins orchestra, Ace Harris was in on the making of the original "Tennessee Waltz" recording. The two pianists as soloists had roamed the country doing club dates. One day they found themselves alternating as solo pianists in the Junior Room of the famous Black Orchid in Chicago. about two-third of their working time was spent in solo playing. The other on-third of their working time was spent playing duo-piano, while they overlapped in changing places. During this period they appeared to win more listeners and to generate more interest in their playing, with the result that a duo-piano team was born. Since their merger, Ace and Buddy have found that they have enjoyed twice the popularity and success that might have been expected as a result of their doubling on the ivories.

Honeysuckly Rose (Razaf-Waller) Joy, ASCAP
Messin' Around, Matador, BMI
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Ellington-Russell) Robbins, ASCAP
Perdido (Tizol) Tempo, ASCAP
Things Ain't (Harris-Charles-Frey) Matador
One O'Clock Jump (Basie) Leo Feist, ASCAP
House Of Blue Lights (Slack-Raye) Robbins, ASCAP
Jazz Me Blues (Delaney) E.B. Marks, BMI
Sweet Georgia Brown (Pinkard-Casey-Bernie) Remick, ASCAP
Zonky (Razaf-Waller) Joy, ASCAP
Tomorrow (Spitalny-Wilhite) Foster, ASCAP
Chinatown, My Chinatown (Schwartz-Jerome) Remick, ASCAP

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