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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Swingin' Suite - Red Callender

Swingin' Suite
Red Callender
Telesonic Sound/Ultra High Fidelity
Made in Hollywood, U.S.A.
Crown Records 5025

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the jacket bio information.

Reissue of Modern Records LMP 1201 (1956)

From the back cover:

As for 'Red', he has a musical background as quietly and dynamical solid as his own personal being. An artistic natural talent and ability was soon recognized by his family at a very early age. He began his career at the age of 12, studying for five years at Bordentown, N.J., with such students as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Shavers. The trumpet was his first instrument, then can the tuba, and of course later excelling in the bass. He went on the road at the age of 17 with a show called 'Brown Skin Models' and ended up in California where he made his home permanently. He has worked with practically every known name in the music world; Charlie Ventura, Lester Young, Vic Dickenson, Mel Powell, Red Novo, Wardell Gray and Dexter Gordon. Also Billie Holiday, Hazel Scott, Rose Murphy, Kay Starr, Ella Mae Morse, Rosemary Clooney and Lena Horn. In recent radio interview with Mitch Miller, Miss Horne gave 'Red' credit for being a particular aid in her musical grooming. 'Red' has played with practically all the top bands. Naming just a few; Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine and Jerry Fielding.

Frank Bode (UFFE) (bongos) Studied percussion with Copenhagen symphony in Denmark from fourteen to seventeen. Came to the States with Stan Hasselgarde. Worked with Benny Goodman Trio, Harry James and Claude Thornhill. Thinks bass in New York is more 'sincere'... says if the music is sad or happy... make it that way. Likes working with Red out here.

Clyde Dunn (bariton) Worked with Gerald Wilson and before that was in Jefferson High School in Los Angeles. (He's that young) Recently recorded sides with Dizzy Gillespie on his last trip out here. Has done a lot of miscellaneous recording. Studies with William Green. "He is as good a classical musician as jazz."

John Ewing (trombone) Played with Cab Calloway, Earl Hines and Jimmy Luncefor. Studied with Louis Maggio in 1953. Says Louis helped him tremendously in his development of range. Just recently with Gerald Wilson

Eddie Beal (paino) Started out on the piano then played other instruments during his school years – primarily the drums. He came to California as a Drummer. He worked with the Buck Clayton Band (piano) just before going with the Count Basie Band. Eddie Had his own trio for some time accompanying Herb Jeffries and others. Re: the Album. I think here they finally gave Jazz back to the musicians. There are not too many young musicians trying to prove something; so they run ten notes in one bar on an augmented eleventh. A too close calculated approach to music rather than free and uninhibited. They are trying too hard to compete before reaching musical maturity.

Bill Douglas (drums) Bill is a native of Los Angeles where the greatest part of his career centered around the West Coast. He attributes his knowledge of percussion to the great Cozy Cole. He studied at Westlake College of Music in Hollywood. Formerly with bands of Benny Goodman, Benny Carter, Art Tatum and many others too numerous to mention. Bill is currently doing recording, Television and Nite Clubs work.

William Green (alto) Holds Bachelor and Master of Music Degree and working on thesis towards Doctorate. Regular faculty member of the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Arts. Former member of Billy Eckstine and Benny Carter bands. His statements about Red seemed to encompass and express pretty much the reactions of all the men on this date. Namely: "I had the feeling... my part was the most important. In Red's outfit... every part seems to be the most important. I sense his Musicianship. And he seems to be a man-of-his-word which is just as important as he musicianship."

Buddy Collette (tenor and flute) Besides studying privately with Marty Ruderman, flute and Merle Johnston, saxophone, Buddy attended the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and the California Academy of Music, plus he American Operatic Laboratory. This educational background in addition to his own native talent accounts somewhat for this man's musical merit. Presently with the Chico Hamilton Quintet and before that: Jerry Fielding, Benny Carter and Louis Jordan. Other than recording prolifically, Buddy teaches composition and arranging, writes and does considerable T.V. and studio work. Re: this date with Red, Buddy says: I wasn't afraid of blowing freely... didn't have the feeling that I was (might) over-shadow someone... They know how to work with a soloist... Red and Bill are always there and you know it... completely relaxed. And, here you have a lot of guys that should have been heard a long time ago... Everybody respects each other. Red is a real great leader too. Always open to the suggestions of the other guys."

Parr Jones (trumpet) Worked with Benny Carter, Eddie Heywood and Lucky Millander. His friendly feeling of a Harry Edison flavor may stem from the fact that the two have been such close friends for so many years.

Sleigh Ride
All For You
Walking On Air
You're Part Of Me
On Again
October Blue

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