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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

West Meets East - Dig? - The Seven Players

The Mirage
West Meets East - Dig?
The Seven Players
Arranged and Conducted by Irv Spice
Produced by Eddie Newmark
Audio Fidelity AFLP 2166

I listen to a ton of records. Many are great fun, but every now and then one stands out. This is one of those perky space age efforts that I think you'll enjoy as much as you might enjoy Neal Hefti's Hefti In Gotham City. This album has that type of space age sparkle.

It also sounds as if this album may have been sampled for Science Fiction Dance Party or Dracula's Music Cabinet. These are two "modern" day assemblages of space age material that I find great fun. At least this record reminds me of those two CD imports.

And of course... the cover is amazing. The woman is feeding the man a grape... however she is holding a hot dog in her hand. Apparently our West/East couple is interfacing with strange foods. Dig?

The Carefree Camel
Zobra The Greek
The Mirage
The Nomad
Asia Minor
The Bazaar
The Sultan's Dream
Sahara Sunrise


  1. Oh, man--watery guitar! Could it be the inimitable Vinnie Bell? (though I suppose if it's not he, he ends up being "imitable"). I'd love to hear the rest of this one.

  2. would love to get this whole album and download? Any possibilities of getting you to post the whole album - this song is a gem!


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