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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Great Swinging Sounds - The Gramercy Six

Great Swinging Sounds
The Gramercy Six
Edison International SDP 502

From the back cover: Al Hendrickson on guitar, Nick Fatool on drums and the bass of Jud DeNaut comprise the original (Artie) Shaw group. Add the tremendous talents of Ray Sherman on harpsichord, Shorty Sherock on trumpet and a gentleman of music you may not know yet, but one who'll be 'large' with you after this introduction – Eddie Rosa on clarinet – and the result is GREAT SWINGIN' SOUNDS!

What stood out to me on this album was the early use of the harpsichord to give the sound a light pop vibe. I have to wonder where the 60s "harpsichord trend" originated from?

Special Delivery Stomp
Cross Your Heart
Mullholland Drive
Keepin' Myself For You
Steppin' Out
Summit Ridge Drive
My Blue Heaven
Board Meeting
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Launching Pad

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  1. i love swingpop music and would love to hear this rare album you have posted. How do I get a copy please? Well done for an unusual blog.


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