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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kasongo! - Modern Music Of The Belgian Congo

Tika Koseka (Rumba)
Maboka Marie (Rumba)
Modern Music Of The Belgian Congo
Capitol T10005

From the back cover: Popular music of the Belgian Congo no longer is restricted to the monotony of thumping conga drums. The contemporary trend is to more and more "civilized" instruments, including the string bass, guitars, the violin – and these recent innovations are now combined with ages-old, traditional and simple instruments such as the likembe to give the modern "sound" an odd combination of old and new.

Ntango N'Akomi Likolo (Embonga)
Bino Botuna Bosele (Sebene)
Marie (Biguine)
Tika Koseka (Rumba)
Keba Mama, Keba! (Enbonga)
Eyebo (Rumba)
Etoiles Des Neiges (Rumba)
Helene (Rhumba)
Kobota Malamu (Rumba)
Tembele Tembele (Sebene)
Maboka Marie (Rumba)
Moni Moni Non Dey (Sebene)

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