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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Escaped In Sound - Al Nevins

Old Devil Moon
Escaped In Sound
Al Nevins And His Orchestra
RCA LPM 1166

I bought this one because I collect what I call "bad habits" covers (smoking and drinking). I didn't expect much from the music, but this is a great album. The songs tie into and seem to support one another like a soundtrack or a concept album. There is a high level of sophistication to the arrangements.

From the back cover: All too often an album is little more than a collection of songs, banded together with no rhyme or reason, and all seemingly pulled from the same ball of yarn. When Al Nevins – he started out in Washington in classical music and has hence learned to play every instrument well – put aside his guitar and his famous role as one of the original members of The Three Suns to turn producer and musical director for this stunning album, he thought immediately in terms of an over-all production. Escape in Sound was to be no rambling trip down the cobblestones of Tin Pan Alley. This initial big enterprise was to have a theme – it was to tell a story in music.

Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
Moonlight Cocktail
Cocktails From Two
Old Devil Moon
Mad About The Boy
Let's Get Away From It All
Love For Sale
You're Driving Me Crazy
In The Still Of The Night
Anything Goes
Let's Put On The Lights


  1. Boy! You really need to share the entire LP. Thanks.

  2. What you kind!Whole song!Thank you, I better a complete album I will listen


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