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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love Country - Hypnotic Harps

Hey Jude
Love Country
Hypnotic Harps
Soloist - Gayle Levant
GRT Records GRT-10001

One treat for me in life is to find 60s or 70s light pop albums because you never know to what lengths artists and record companies will go to cover "the hits of the day".

In this case, the last idea on the pile must have been to do up songs on the harp. OK... the last idea may have been to use a kazoo. Which reminds me... I think that has also been done, but I have yet to find that album.

The harpist struggles with some of the arrangements because... well... she is playing the harp. Terrific extra fluffy light pop stuff really.

Time For Us
Hey Jude
Little Green Apples
Will You Be Staying After Sunday
Love Country
Windmills Of Your Mind
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Born To Be With You
Wichita Lineman
More Today Than Yesterday
Love Country Reprise


  1. I think you are thinking of the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra. They cover Whole Lotta Love and Stayin' Alive. I think this came out around 1980 and they were definitely self-aware.

    1. That's the one. A record store owner played a track off it for me, but wouldn't part with it. : ) Thanks!

  2. I would love to hear this album,any chance for links?
    Thanks in advance!


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