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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jazz Is Now - Johnny Frigo Sextext

Big Noise From Winnetka
Jazz Is Now
Johnny Frigo Sextext
Orion Hi Fidelity Records

Here we have an obscure album with interesting cover art.

I can't tell you if this album is associated with the Johnny Frigo I found online (Frigo's wiki page). I suspect that it is. Orion was based in Evanston, Illinois which is not too far from Chicago, which would have been Frigo's home when this album was made (I can't positively date the release). If it is, Frigo played bass on this recording. His other instrument was the violin.

The wiki page mentions that Frigo played on Martin Denny's Quite Village album. I've got a copy of that album here and he is credited for playing bass. If you listen to the sample Gazebo... you can hear the bass line used on Quite Village.

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