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Friday, November 18, 2011

Go Places With Lassie

Song Of India
Go Places With Lassie
Music To Put You In A Traveling Mood
Capitol Records Custom Services A-100
A Walt Heebner Production

Lassie is not a dog or the woman on the back of the little steam engine. Lassie was a manufacture of ladies coats. Go Places With Lassie was an advertising campaign that appeared in (from the back cover) Vogue, Glamour, Charm, Mademoiselle, Seventeen and other fashion magazines – as seen through the camera eye of America's foremost fashion photographer, Richard Avedon.

This album was a part of the promotion for Lassie. The records were sold to the public for $1.75.

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  1. very interesting.. thanks for the info, I just bought the record in a second hand store and I was trying to find out more about it..


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