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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Footlight Percussion - Terry Snyder

The Gentlemen Is A Dope
Footlight Percussion
Terry Snyder
Ultra Audio WWS 6508

Here's another terrific space age/ping pong percussion album by Terry Snyder. I mean... when a cover of The Sound Of Music sounds cool... you know you've got something. Good all the way through, it was hard to select a sample.

Also check another another Terry Synder post on my blog: Terry Snyder, Creator Of Persuasive Percussion.


  1. Hello-- stumbled onto your page when I did a search for this album online. I found it at my local thrift store today (20¢!) and think it's a great album. Nice surprise, really.

  2. I, too, found one today in great shape. To tell the truth, I bought it for the look of the artsy high-gloss cover, but now I'm psyched to give it a listen. My dad was nuts over those Persuasive Percussion & Tony Mottola LPS.

  3. I found one today, also at a thrift shop (50 cents), I bought it for the cover graphics. After reading your review, however, I'm looking forward to giving it a good listen. My dad (RIP) loved those Persuasive Percussion & Tony Mottola LPs. Got to give him credit for a discerning ear given the 10 dollar pre-amp & 20 dollar amp from Lafayette in the mid-6o's, along with mismatched speakers!


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