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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fabulous Sounds Of Les Baxter - Strings, Guitars, Voices

Ritual Fire Dance
The Fabulous Sounds Of Les Baxter
Strings, Guitars, Voices
Pickwick PC-3011

I thought that this LP was going to be a knock off of Baxter's work. The cover is a little lame, the label is budget and the jacket notes are written in a detached fashion. But this is Baxter's stuff.

There are a number of fun tunes on the album including Vereda Tropical, Sabre Dance, It's A Big Wide, Wonderful World and Ritual Fire Dance. Some of the tracks are available on collections... but Ritual Fire Dance appears to be from Baxter's 1959 album Wild Guitars. Everybody under the sun seems to have that LP online for download, so I guess it won't hurt to post that tune as the sample.


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  1. I really like that opening....pretty neat. I do remember Ritual fire dance from years ago, of course. This is a very good, even intense, version...I like it!! Quality is good. nice and crisp, only a couple clicks in the beginning.


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