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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan

How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan
ELAY Records 2789

I think this LP may be a follow-up to Ozel Turkbas's album titled How To Make Your Husband A Sultan. The album sparked a resurgence for belly dance in the early 1970s and sold 150,000 copies in the U.S. The LP has been re-released on CD. This record came with a "instruction" booklet that was apparently included with both albums.

The record itself features great folk music arranged with a 70s vibe.

How To Make Your Husband A Sultan
Belly Dance With Ozel Turklas
Elay Records 2687

This album is available for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample!


  1. Love it! I think I have this somewhere!

  2. Belly dancing has often been marketed and sold to the Western public as frivolous, tantalizing and light-hearted dance entertainment.


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