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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sing Along With The Busy Beavers

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
Sing Along With The Busy Beavers
Golden Tone C4052

Once upon a time, boys and girls, an adult developed a recording technique that made real voices sound incredibly annoying. However, it was soon discovered that the youth market LOVED this contrivance. The children demanded more... much more!

In a jiffy other adults trampled on the original creator's rights to make sure the children were happy and well supplied with similar annoyances featuring a wide variety of cartoon characters.

And so ends our story of thinly veiled but yet shameless theft of intellectual property.

Almost no one lives happily ever after.

Thee end.


  1. Insane and annoying all at once!!I love thises crazy discs!

  2. I loved finding this electronically! This was my favorite record when I was little, and my LP is in very worn condition. Thanks!


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