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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hawaiian Holiday In Hi-Fi - Jack La Delle

Hawaiian War Chant
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian War Chant
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian Holiday In Hi-Fi
The Genius Of Jack La Delle
Design Records DLP 53

If nothing else, the pretty model on the cover makes the album worth collecting. Jack La Delle has a very nice voice. You might hear a touch of Bing Crosby in his voice. The jacket notes actually make the reference to La Delle sounding like Crosby.

I found only a few mentions of La Della online (sometimes spelled Ladelle). The one mention I found for Ladelle and this album was in the December 23, 1957 Billboard. Ladelle is mentioned as a "radio personality".

The back cover mentions that La Delle plays every instrument (32 instruments) on the album. Apparently he was registered with the musician's union on every one of them. Basically the entire album was created by La Delle in the studio. Multitrack recording like this in 1957 must have been some feat! So the label "genius" on the cover suddenly makes sense.

Also from the back cover: A fantastic four miles of recording tape went into the production of this album.

Above I've posted the samples taken from both the mono and stereo release to compare and contrast the mono from the "AuthenitPhonic Stereo Process".

Blue Hawaii
Sweet Leilani
Lovely Hula Hands
Song Of Old Hawaii
Hawaiian War Chant
Song Of The Islands
Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
To you, Sweetheart, Aloha
On A Little Bamboo Bridge
Aloha Oe


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