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Friday, July 16, 2010

WIth Bells On - Sid Bass And His Orchestra

The House Is Haunted
With Bells On
Sid Bass and His Orchestra
Vik LX-1112

Original Vik cover and first release. Bass was an inventive artist/arranger. I have two of his albums now (see From Another World). The gimmick Bass features on this album are "bells" and no, the concept doesn't become annoying. There is a wide range of bells tones played throughout, and for the most part, they are used sparingly. The LP is cool.

Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City, July 18, 26 and August 1, 1957.

The engineering on this LP is very good.

With Bells On
Sid Bass and His Orchestra
RCA Camden CAS 501


  1. Awesome one! Love the tune! I need to download it for sure!

  2. Please send me a link to this MP3 so I can download. I need this song :-)


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